A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

CHAPTER 2 now available!
Please, download this one instead (it contains this chapter + a new one)!

It's Friday's night, Nam's looking for someone to beat him. 

A suicidal act that will save his life when he meets Astra and Dei, two kind boys who will  take care of him. 

HITME's visual novel set on Santiago de Chile

A kind of homoerotic fantasy. 

Drink Terremotos and learn to make Empanadas with the handsome couple, Astra and Dei.  

Playtime: 1-2 hours.  

Languages: English & Spanish

An original story by xiri


HITME-1.0-win.zip 247 MB
HITME-1.0-mac.zip 230 MB

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I really liked this! :)


ahhh this game made me feel so warm and giddy and happy <3 <3 thank you for sharing! will be playing chapter 2 and chapter 3 when it comes out :)

thank you for sharing the warmness! chapter 2 is already out if you want to check it out, it should work with the save you have:



I love the art soooooo much, this game is beautiful


Thaanks! If u enjoyed it please check the work of Maki Kusumoto, it was the main inspiration for the characters and her stories are really beautiful.


I remember playing the first game back in 2019 and replayed it in preparation for this. I absolutely adore where you took the story, I'm so glad we got to spend more time with Dei and Astra


thanks morning-moon for coming back. your comment on the first version of hitme stayed really close to me and encouraged me to expand the story, thank u again. it made me really happy you enjoyed spending time together with Astra and Dei. 


The art is so beautiful, with such a personal style, and the story has something really deep and intimate about it, we loved the game! 

thanks! hope u all felt at home ♡

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The empanada scenes were my favs, without a doubt! I also really enjoyed the way you segued between chapters with the butterfly overlay. Such a nice touch!

Have you watched Michiko e Hatchin / Finding Paradiso?

Thank u! They're so tasty hehe. Looks great but I haven't watched it, do u recommend it?


Yes!! The story is very good and I sensed a lot of thematic similarities between HITME and that show. I hope you enjoy if you watch it ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

thank u for the recommendation, sounds great!  looking forward to watch it ♡


The art is so surreal and the story feels so comforting I love it

as comforting as the people i met in chile ♡
thanks for taking the time, means the world reading what u felt.


While waiting for the bundle to launch I decided to play this. 

It was really comforting and what I needed right now. 

Thank you so much.

Oh! Thank u Taylor for taking the time in this busy period. 

So happy to hear from u. Big hugs!


I believe this was an incredible experience and im aware that im shocked in many ways that i wasnt expecting. This download will stay in my dock

Thank u nola,  it warms my heart.