- from Sans Logique to merveilles - my first interview

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how u are doing?

I did my first interview! This year HITME is participating in the Queer Games Bundle, and I was asked how it came to be.  I passed a few nights on the balcony thinking about the answers. Did I say too much or too little?  

Xiri’s game HITME explores what it means to feel real love | by Caroline Delbert | Jun, 2022 | Medium

anything you feel, let me know, it sure makes me happy hearing from you.

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That was really great. I love hearing about your process. Your sobbing reaction is really beautiful! I'm also really interested in your being torn between Chile/Colombia/Spain. I want to hear more about that! <3 <3 

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I sobbed with the demo of Queer Man too hehe.

It all begun when helping with this video, I meet my friend Diego Barrera .  He then moved to Chile and I travelled there to visit him. That winter I learned so much about love that I kept going back and back again until I was living there full time.  That's how I think HITME was born, from that wish to celebrate all the love I found.  

During that time I meet his muse, Mapo Ka, who's been also an important part of my life. So when I moved to Spain to visit my family during the pandemic, Diego moved back to Colombia and Mapo stayed in Chile I felt my heart was shattered in three and in a constant juggling state. Thankfully last year we got to meet again in Colombia to make a new video celebrating a friend, Michel Beauvais, who was a foundation in this journey.

I think that's the base of it! Hope you're having a great day ♡


That is gorgeous. <3 <3 I hope you can continue the regular back-and-forth if not be in the same country again long-term!


this was a lovely read <3 thank you for sharing your thoughts!!


thank u for reading! big hugs